About Us

We provide a wide range of legal services to businesses, their owners, and individuals in both transactional and litigation matters. Our transactional and litigation practices complement each other well, as experience gained in one strengthens the knowledge base for the other. Whether it be in negotiating a shareholder buy-out or litigating a hotly-contested breach of fiduciary duty action, the key to our success is understanding the big picture and the all important details along the way so we can best leverage a client’s position. We believe that much perspective is gained by considering the transaction or dispute from the viewpoint of the opposing side. Regardless of whether it is drafting a non-compete agreement for key employees, negotiating a licensing agreement, or arguing a preliminary injunction motion, our focus remains on quality services that provide clients with a return on their investment in us. We combine our experience, knowledge base, and approach to any matter with dogged determination and persistence to realize the client’s goals.

Our Client Base.  We have a diverse client base, which includes individuals, start-up technology companies, established family-owned businesses, estates, trusts, associations, partnerships, LLCs, privately-held corporations, and publicly-traded corporations. While the majority of these clients are located or based in the Chicagoland area, many reside or are based in other states and foreign jurisdictions, with seven countries on four continents being represented. Establishing long-term attorney-client relationships flows naturally from the individual attention we give each client. And we are fortunate to be able to state that we sincerely enjoy working with each of our clients.

Our Fees.  We offer flexible fee structures to meet our clients’ needs and desires.We have very competitive hourly and flat rates, which allow our clients to fully realize the added value of our services. Under certain circumstances, we will offer contingency rates and blended fee structures.

Our Hours.  Communication is key to the attorney-client relationship. While we maintain traditional business hours, we make ourselves available to clients on an “as-needed” basis. We have found this arrangement to be necessary because many of our clients work seven days a week and some of our clients or their work are in other time zones, which require our attention outside “normal” business hours.